CityChrone is a reasearch project on urban systems. It is composed by three main elements: quantitative measures of the performance of public transport in cities, an interactive platform for presenting the results on map and the users enagenement in finding new public transport solutions.

Science of City

Quantitative results for enanching comprehension of transport in urban system

Interactive Data Visualization

Interactive platform for data visualization on map to improve dissemination and engagement.

Create New Scenario

User can create new public transport scenario in city and test the effect.

Open source code

All teh code is open source and on github.



Online resources with the data generated by the project, freely downloadable.



Indaco Biazzo (Web master)

Vittorio Loreto

Bernardo Monechi

Former collaborators

Francesca Tria
Cesare Bianchi
Elisabetta Falivene
Vito Servidio

Hosting Institutions


Department of APPLIED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DISAT) Politecnico di Torino


Department of PHYSICS University of Rome La Sapienza
ISI Foundation Fondazione ISI di Torino